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cavispector measures the cavitation in your cleaning tank, documents all relevant parameters and generates a test record, which you can present to your auditor and which allows you to sleep at ease.

Our Service

The new standard in ultrasound cleaning

according to IEC TS 63001

Measurement as service

We will come to your site and perform the check with cavispector. You will receive a test report.

Sale of measurement system

Companies with a larger number of ultra sound cleaning devices and lines and qualified technical staff may consider acquiring our cavispector measuring system.

Training for users

As complemental service, we offer a special in-house training for your staff to help you ensure the best practice of cavispector.

Quality Monitoring

Why cavispector ?

cavispector has been developed to meet the requirements of the measuring procedure according to the specification IEC TS 63001. Beyond this, it offers additional benefits to its users.

Know How

How does ultrasound cleaning work?

Bubbles (5) which are in the fluid are brought to oscillation by ultrasound. When the intensity of the oscillation reaches a sufficient level these bubbles can implode. Then a so-called jetstream occurs, which removes by its stimulus the dust from a polluted surface like a micro brush.


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