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14 January 2021

We had an extensive interview with the journal EASY ENGINEERING. There we talked about our activities, our new products and market trends, for example.

Please find it here.

31 December 2020

We hope you had a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas season. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful New Year!

22 December 2020

The word mark registration for cavispector has been completed not only in Germany and the European Union, but also in Switzerland, Japan, China, India, Russia and the USA.

18 August 2020

The Innovation Forum Medizintechnik in Tuttlingen was a complete success. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions we were able to have interesting conversations and make new contacts.

03 August 2020

We are exhibiting. Visit us at our booth at the Innovation Forum Medizintechnik on October 14, 2020 in Tuttlingen, Germany.

09 April 2020

To present the measurement results of cavispector even more clearly, they are visualized now with the help of a color code. We call this color code “caviscore”.

10 March 2020

Due to the Covid 19 virus, the DAGA in Hannover had to be cancelled, unfortunately. We deeply regret that and hope to be able to present cavispector again at a similar event as soon as possible.

25 February 2020

Cavispector has been filed as word mark nationally at the German Patent und Markenamt (DPMA) and internationally at the World International Property Organization (WIPO).

The German and European registration of our mark has been completed now and we are waiting for more international registrations in the near future.

19 January 2020

After the parts2clean exhibition we plan to present cavispector publicly again. Therefore, we have made a reservation for a booth at the DAGA in Hannover from March 16 – 19. We are looking forward to your visit there.

23 December 2019

An ultrasonic cleaning line usually consists of several ultrasonic cleaning devices. A new feature of cavispector now makes it easier to configure a complete line. When doing so, the process parameters can be configured as well.

 8 November 2019

After many talks with our clients and sales leads we have recognized that there is an enormous interest to know more about their cleaning devices. Therefore, we have added an additional service to our business activities. We will help you find the very best ultrasonic cleaning device for your cleaning needs, regardless of the manufacturer.

24 October 2019

Our show at the parts2clean exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, was a great success. For the first time we could present cavispector to the public. We also could inform the qualified visitors at our booth in many talks and exchange ideas.

We learned that many users of ultrasonic cleaning devices are very aware of the problem that they cannot know for sure if their devices work as required. We could present them cavispector and demonstrate them how to check their devices with cavispector.

15 October 2019

Measuring the temperature of an ultrasonic bath is an important part of verifying an ultrasonic device. Therefore, we have included this feature into cavispector, so that the temperature can be measured parallel to the cavitation noise level and operating frequency.