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Check of your ultrasound cleaning devices in your premises

We will come to your site and perform the check with cavispector. You will receive a test report which documents the status of your line, regarding cleaning efficiency and cavitation. Please contact us so that we can plan the check and send you an offer.

Sale of cavispector

Companies with a larger number of ultra sound cleaning devices and lines and qualified technical staff may consider acquiring our cavispector measuring system. This is also interesting when you plan to check your cleaning process in shorter intervals or when you want cavispector for scientific use. Please contact us so that we can plan a presentation or can send you an offer.

As complemental service, we offer a special in-house training for your staff to help you ensure the best practice of cavispector.

With a software maintenance agreement you will gain access to our hotline and you will receive updates over the validity period of the agreement.

Contact us

We thank for your interest in cavispector and are available to any other questions with pleasure.

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cavispector measures the cavitation in your cleaning tank, documents all relevant parameters and generates a test record, which you can present to your auditor and which allows you to sleep at ease.

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