Why cavispector ?

cavispector has been developed to meet the requirements of the measuring procedure according to the specification IEC TS 63001. Beyond this, it offers additional benefits to its users.

Products used in medical scope, like implants or surgical instruments, optical products or jewelry and watches or products in laboratories and many more, are cleaned by ultrasound cleaning devices and lines.

The cleaning effect is based on cavitation, where small bubbles collapse in an aqueous bath and trigger an impulse on the surface of the goods to be cleaned. This impulse removes the contamination.

The processes in the production of the products mentioned above are generally defined very clearly and the parameters are controlled. The requirements for the process reliability and its documentation are increasing more and more. But the control of the processes of ultrasound cleaning devices and their effectiveness is not established well. Traditional tests with aluminum foils are not safe and are not clearly reproducible, not quantifiable and badly documentable. Alternative tests with tubes with color change are also only a qualitative dimension. Both approaches show only that there is an ultrasound activity, but they don’t provide any information about the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Do your ultrasound cleaning devices really work as they should? The user of the devices is left with an uncertain feeling which is suppressed or ignored. Up to now, there is no method to measure the cavitation in the bath and to verify the cleaning effect, which is freely available and independent of a manufacturer. But this is needed desperately for the cleaning of surgical products.

Now cavispector fills this gap!

cavispector measures the cavitation in your cleaning tank, documents all relevant parameters and generates a test record, which you can present to your auditor and which allows you to sleep at ease.

cavispector completes the chain of validation in your production and provides security to you.

Köchel Verifications

We will come to your site and perform the check with cavispector. You will receive a test report which documents the status of your line, regarding cleaning efficiency and cavitation. Please contact us so that we can plan the check and send you an offer.

With a software maintenance agreement you will gain access to our hotline and you will receive updates over the validity period of the agreement.

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